Rules & Regulations

Lehigh County Agricultural Society – Agri-Plex Allentown Fairgrounds Lehigh Valley Aging In Place
(LVAIP) is the sole organizer of the Senior Expo. All vendors shall agree to the rules and regulations as
outlined below. Any violations of the Rules and Regulations set forth below will be addressed solely by
LVAIP, and there shall be no recourse allowed by the Vendor.
The Rules and Regulations are as follows:
1. No solicitation of business outside the indicated time allotted for the Senior Expo, and no solicitation
beyond the Vendor’s designated area.
2. Vendor signs shall only be permitted in Vendor’s designated area.
3. No business transactions or advertising (including signs) is permitted in the parking lot.
4. No Vendor may encroach on another Vendor’s area, or in any common area.
5. No loitering is permitted in the Hall, or on the Grounds.
6. Only one Vendor per booth, and no sharing of booths by more than one Vendor.
7. No disruptive, offensive, unlawful, or harmful conduct shall be permitted.
8. LVAIP and the Lehigh County Agricultural Society have no responsibility for vehicles or for loss,
damage, theft or injury to any person or property in or around the facility or parking lot.
9. There will be no loading or unloading (at any time) through the lobby of Agri-Plex’s Charles Hall.
10. Vendor is responsible for general clean-up in their designated area, and at no time shall there be any
debris in or around the Vendor’s designated area.
11. Vendor will abide by any instructions given by security personnel.
12. Vendor will be responsible for procuring their own liability insurance for the event.
13. Vendor will not use helium balloons.
14. Vendor will not leave the expo early.
15. Vendor on behalf of itself, employees, agents, guests, invitees and others, agrees to and does
indemnify and save harmless LVAIP, its directors, officers, and employees, against any and all loss,
claims, actions, damages, liability, and expense in connection with the loss of life, personal injury and/or
damage to property arising from or out of any occurrence in or upon the facility whatsoever, including but
not limited to all loss, injury, and damage occasioned wholly or in party by any act of the Vendor, its
agents, or employees at any time while on the property of Lehigh County Agricultural Society – Agri-Plex
Allentown Fairgrounds.